It can be hard to manage a Wide Area Network. You need to be able to add new applications and services to your network - without the onerous cost of constantly adding more capacity to cope with growing demand.

As businesses develop and change, the way that people work changes too: they need more flexibility in terms of how, when and where they work, but they demand greater reliability and - as competitive pressures increase - they become increasingly less tolerant of even a few moments downtime.

Our solutions lets you build a more flexible Wide Area Network (WAN) to connect your offices intelligently, with resilient links that are specifically designed to carry both voice and data over the same network - without jeopardising the quality of either. 

Benefits of our business WAN Solutions
Managed and Monitored - Network devices are monitored 24/7/365
Reduce WAN costs - We use the most cost-effective supplier for each individual circuit.
Latest technology and tools - To control network traffic, provide assured bandwidth via QoS and maintain privacy
Access to multiple services - Each of the connectivity options can support multiple services
What we deliver
  • Outstanding customer service and account management
  • Business only service
  • Hassle free switching from your incumbent provider
  • Excellent network coverage and resilience
  • Single supplier to help you consolidate and reduce costs