Software Defined Network (SDN) prioritises automation, enabling faster service delivery and improved in-life management. Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solutions build upon these foundations, providing even greater visibility and control - all the way to individual users and applications. SD-WAN can help you to make the most of the network you have - but it can’t create more bandwidth. That’s where our SDN comes in and completes the picture - we can provide you with software defined solutions for both your underlay and overlay networks. Gain the quality, visibility and performance of SD-WAN and retain the bandwidth flexibility of our network.

A network should be able to outperform the business it underpins, not hold it back by being slow, inflexible and unintelligent. Infrastructure that can react and adapt gives your business the flexibility to respond to changing markets and opportunities as they arise. SD-WAN delivers complete visibility and control of network traffic, so you can ensure that business critical data is prioritised for top performance.

Don't let security, network reliability and flexible capacity keep you awake at night

Network performance is fundamental to the operation of most organisations. Security is fundamental to our SD-WAN solution, combining a secure MPLS deployment with visibility of traffic flows via an integrated security suite.

Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) as standard with all deployments
Traffic management capabilities ensures business continuity
Unify disparate underlay network vendors into one seamless solutionTraffic management capabilities ensures business continuity
Move traffic seamlessly and deliver real, automatic business continuity
Unified Threat Management (UTM) is available as an additional feature

Single Pane of Glass dashboard gives an at a glance view of network health

Monitoring and managing networks are straightforward via a widget based ‘Single Pane of Glass’. Dashboards can be tailored for you and offered as ‘read only’ or editable. Departments within organisations can set their own dashboard with access to different profiles via the Role Based Access functionality that comes as part of the service

Monitoring of applications

Monitoring of each link is easy. A real time breakdown of what applications are driving the utilisation of links is easily available as shown in the screen shot below.

Adopt SD-WAN — whenever you're ready

All of our fibre solutions are SD-WAN ready, using routers that are also capable of bringing SD-WAN controllers. So, we can deliver a fully managed SDWAN solution as part of a migration of your connectivity services. Or, you can upgrade to SD-WAN at any time, when it is right for your business, safe in the knowledge that you already have the CPE in place. Start your journey with us — we're ready when you are.

Businesses ideally suited to SD-WAN

Finance and Banking

Where latency and network performance directly equates to customer experience and revenue made in trading, SD-WAN optimises connectivity, to ensure it is always sent over the fastest route. It also allows for the prioritisation of trading or customer traffic over all else.


Multi-site Retail and Hospitality

Where budgets are tight, Customers can buy the most cost-effective connectivity for a particular location and use SD-WAN to deliver the single network overlay, as well as controlling and safeguarding customer Wifi.


Global businesses

Where a single global supplier is not possible, you can use SD-WAN to deliver the benefits of a single, private network, whilst buying most efficiently locally


Highly sensitive data

Enhanced security is an integral part of an SD-WAN solution, so for highly sensitive industries, like Pharma, Software and Finance this can be key

Benefits include

  Flexibility - to add / change bandwidth in near real-time.
  Drive productivity - by controlling different types of traffic
  Manage estate sizes - We make it easy to add new sites and adjust your bandwidth as your organisation grows.
  Visibility- Real-time visibility of network traffic down to the application level
  Control - Control traffic routing, application performance and security via an easy to use interface.