WANCustom built connectivity solutions, tailored to your needs

It can be hard to manage a Wide Area Network. You need to be able to add new applications and services to your network - without the onerous cost of constantly adding more capacity to cope with growing demand.

As businesses develop and change, the way that people work changes too: they need more flexibility in terms of how, when and where they work, but they demand greater reliability and - as competitive pressures increase - they become increasingly less tolerant of even a few moments downtime.

Our solutions lets you build a more flexible Wide Area Network (WAN) to connect your offices intelligently, with resilient links that are specifically designed to carry both voice and data over the same network - without jeopardising the quality of either.

MPLS and Internet - enables both MPLS and Internet Access solutions through just one network and one supplier. With access available via Fibre Ethernet, EFM, EoFTTC, Broadband FTTC and ADSL. All MPLS services are fully bespoke: designed to meet the needs of the individual businesses. With a full range of diverse and resilient routing solutions available, as well as the integration to leading Cloud, UC and SIP providers they provide a complete solution.

Laer 2 (VPLS) - Ethernet technology makes it easy for businesses to run complex WAN solutions using the same access technology used on their LAN. Businesses can achieve significant cost reductions whilst leveraging existing in-house skills and implement change through real time updates. Virtual1’s Layer 2 solution enables separate sites to share a common Ethernet broadcast domain, using different configurations such as E-Line, E-LAN or E-Tree, all backed up by rigorous SLAs.

Highlights of our service

  Flexible bandwidth options from 2 to 10 Gbit/s. Free QoS enabled with multiple CoS
  UK-wide and global coverage Dedicated, uncontended and unlimited bandwidth
  Free connection and free router with most packages Low latency service ideal for cloud/VOIP applications
  Fully managed and monitored Using IP based technology significantly reduces costs


Benefits of our WAN solutions include

  Affordable- We work with multiple network operators to discover the best value options at each location. Then we combine them seamlessly.
  Convergence- We can apply Quality of Service (QoS) across your WAN so data, voice and video apps can co-exist, without impacting service quality.
  Adaptable - We make it easy to add new sites and adjust your bandwidth as your organisation grows.
  Multi-carrier resilience- We can combine multiple circuits from different network operators to deliver unusually high levels of uptime.
  VoIP friendly- Our WANs can prioritise time-sensitive traffic such as VoIP phone calls. And of course, your bills are slashed with VoIP.
  Reliable- Our systems proactively monitor your circuit, alerting our specialists to any problems. And our service is backed by rigorous SLAs.