The connected generation is in school now.

They communicate, socialise and have the opportunity to learn and collaborate in a very different way. Information technology within schools needs to keep pace if it is to remain relevant, engaging and have a positive impact on teaching and learning.

The digital learning environment is ever progressing and changing, which is why it’s important to have a service provider that can scale for the future and support you in embracing the latest technologies and trends.

Schools, Academies and Universities across the UK have chosen solutions from TETip to enable them to work in a more collaborative environment. The flexibility of our solutions supports not only students but teachers and parents, and are fully scalable to underpin growth in demand.

Lower your communication costs

With many educational establishments continuing to maintain old PBX telephone systems or renting hosted telephone systems from the local authority, which often come with high maintenance and upgrade costs, many of our clients are surprised to find that a solution from us that not only provides additional features and impressive reliability, but also significant cost savings every year and a fast return on your investment. Nowadays most modern telephone systems have an extra way of connecting to the outside world. This is generally known as a SIP Trunk. SIP Trunking is the Next Generation Network (NGN) and offers a future roadmap to additional features and multimedia services.

We understand the commercial and operational needs of educational facilities and can offer complete communications solutions, that are designed, delivered and supported exclusively by the our own skilled & dedicated team.

High Speed Internet for Schools- We provide high speed, high availability internet circuits for schools, that can cater for both data and voice connectivity.

FREE calls to UK landline & mobile numbers- providing schools with a fixed budget telephony solution.

24×7 Absence Reporting for Staff and Students- Automate the absence reporting process. Parents or staff can simply call into the school at any time of the day or night and report an absence. These messages are time stamped and delivered to the correct member of staff as a series of answers to simple interactive questions.

Automated Message Delivery- This gives Reception staff the ability to record a conversation with a caller. When the call is over, the call is automatically delivered to the device of the member of staff (deskphone, iPad, PC, or smartphone).

SIMS Telephone Integration - The school SIMS database can be used to display the details of the caller on incoming calls, as well as staff being able to dial a parent via the PC.

Smartphone and Tablet Integration with VoWiFi - iOS and Android smartphones and tablets can be seamlessly connected to the telephone system, by utilising a Wi-Fi network throughout the school.

Clearing - With an expected increase in call volume during this time, it is critical to have a telecoms infrastructure in place which will meet the demands of Clearing, including having the ability to answer all calls, access to accurate reporting and a sound contingency plan should any unexpected issues arise.

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Promoting Innovation through Innovative Technology

By enabling users to make use of the latest, innovative technology you are inspiring them to do more and providing them with the tools that they require. Having a reliable, high-speed Network will allow students to upload and work on documents at a much faster rate; additionally with a reliable superfast Internet connection they will be able to research and discover things quicker. Being able to do more in the time provided to them will be of huge benefit to students, whatever their age range, and will mean that they can achieve more than ever before.

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Let us help you

We can evaluate your current environment, establish priorities and plan to address them as budget allows. We bring a lifecycle approach to developing network services that’s proactive, innovative and professional. These things are essential in a modern improving school.

Whether you are a school leader, a  Business Manager or Bursar or a Network Manager we can help you address your development plans in a cost effective and innovative way