InternetConverged voice and data

Converge voice and data on one connection using a Converged Broadband solution. Consolidate services, increase flexibility, eliminate traditional line charges, reduce call costs.

Converged Broadband gives businesses the ability to consolidate Internet access and IP telephony over one reliable, high performance connection.

There are various access types and versions of the service available to suit business of all sizes including Converged Broadband (1-10 lines), Converged FTTC (1-30 lines) and Converged EFM and Converged Ethernet for requirements where you need 30 lines or more.

With Converged Broadband you only need buy one product to cover your voice and data requirements. This allows you to eliminate legacy and costly ISDN lines, helps you work more flexibly and simplifies service management as you benefit from a single accountable supplier, reduced operating costs and and a single point of contact which also save you time and hassle.

Highlights of our Converged services

  A single connection for voice and data Guaranteed voice quality
  Eliminate legacy line and broadband services One supplier for Internet and telecoms
  Free connection and free router with most packages
Business only service
  Static IP included Fully managed and monitored

Converged Broadband provides high quality internet and IP telephony access on a single broadband connection, from a single supplier, and backed up by an exceptional, UK-based support team. A percentage of the available bandwidth on each connection is partitioned for voice calls using a provided Cisco managed hardware ensuring a protected, high quality and reliable voice service.

We use various broadband access types tailored to suit the needs of each business depending upon demand and the number of users which need to be supported. Converged Broadband uses ADSL, FTTC, EFM and Ethernet services to deliver the number of channels and Internet access suitable for any business requirement regardless of size. This is determined during our pre-sales consultation, site survey and proposal stages to ensure we deliver a service which meets your business needs exactly and provides options to scale up whenever you require it..

Our customers have chosen Converged Broadband for a variety of reasons which include:

  • To meet the increasing demand for bandwidth and to give them the right platform to support new systems and applications in the cloud including IP voice, Hosted Phone Systems and SIP Trunks.
  • To replace legacy services such as SDSL, Bonded DSL and Leased Lines with high performance, cost-effective and reliable alternatives.
  • To provide a single supplier to support the end-to-end delivery of IP telephony and Internet access where ISDN is too expensive and offers little flexibility in terms of telephone numbering, scaling or Disaster Recovery.
  • To give businesses with limited budgets the benefits of high-end connectivity such as Fibre Ethernet using affordable Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) and non-fibre Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM).
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