InternetCellular Ethernet

Cellular Ethernet is a quick, easy to deploy and secure alternative to wired connectivity, with coverage across the UK. Significantly, Cellular Ethernet is not just a mobile internet solution. All traffic is delivered privately via discrete interconnects, which means that traffic does not traverse the public Internet, and removes the need for VPN’s, providing a highly secure solution to businesses across a range of industries. Ideal for both remote or temporary sites, areas requiring rapid deployment, as well a failover service, it can support single or multiple services, such as Internet Access, SIP or MPLS. Available as a layer 2 or layer 3 service making it extremely flexible when it comes to deployment models.

Cellular Ethernet uses a network independent coverage solution to deliver connectivity via 3 of the UK’s largest mobile networks. This ensures the best possible coverage without the need to redeploy or reconfigure the router. The service is continuously checking these networks, and when it sees a significant drop in signal and performance from the primary network, it will connect to the next strongest connection. This reduces both the sales and support overheads, if there is a mobile signal at a location, Cellular Ethernet will deliver connectivity. Depending upon the deployment model, the service is based on either fixed or usage based commercial model.


Cellular Ethernet is available in four variants:

Cellular Ethernet

To be used as a locations primary connectivity, it is available on a 12 or 36-month contract with various data usage packages



This product is designed to bridge the gap before a Fibre based connectivity solution is installed. Delivered as a rolling monthly contract, it is also available with various data usage packages 15, 30, 50, 100 or 125Gb.



Cellular Ethernet can be used a backup solution to Wired connectivity. As the service is deployed as a failover solution, used only on rare occasions, it is delivered as a fixed monthly rental, with a fair usage policy rather than usage based.


Adv Cellular Ethernet

This product is a mixture of Pre-Ethernet and Failover, the CPE will be configured as a primary circuit allowing you a rapid deployment solution. The service is then modified to a failover service once the primary connectivity has been successfully installed.

Benefits include

  Vertical applications across Retail, Construction & Logistics
  Deploy a connectivity solution nationwide in as little as 5 working days
  Network independent coverage insulating from mobile network outages .
  Fixed IP Addressing enables the configuration of seamless failover from fibre
  Deliver single or multiple services over the connection such as Internet and MPLS
  Multiple services make this solution ideal for an WAN failover